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New old project

I just discovered a couple of model shots of a huge addition that was proposed in 1982 for the Landmark.  Check them out here. ... << MORE >>

Trump's Subtle Downgrade

Trump has sold 300 of the units at the Trump International Hotel Tower to Hilton Vacations to use as ...  wait for it ... Timeshares (lol).   See more here 

Is this what is to become of Trump Vegas?
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New page for the Legal Aid Center

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is constructing a new HQ building. Read about it here  ... << MORE >>

Added a new page for Harmon Corner

Harmon Corner is open. I've created a page for it.
See it here 

... << MORE >>

Downtown Map Update

I've updated THE Downtown Map and added a few new things to it as well, filling out the Arts District and Fremont East District. Now it's back to work on the Harmon Corner and LINQ pages ... stay tuned.   ... << MORE >>

New Vintage Construction Photos

I've added some more vintage construction photos. These include
  • The Monte Carlo Tower at the Riviera
  • Diamond of the Dunes
  • The Plaza
Lots more updates to come....
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Vacation's Over

It's been quite a while since VegasTodayAndTomorrow was updated. Well, the wait is over. Thanks to the many of you who have written over the last few months.

Although the building boom is over, many new projects are emerging and are in various stages of development as the economy slowly recovers.

Near-future site updates will include:
The D (formerly Fitzgerald's), Project LINQ (the giant wheel between the IP and the Flamingo), the remodeling and renaming of the Imperial Palace,  the refurbishing of The Plaza, the new suites building at the Golden Gate, new venues in the Fremont East district, Zappo's repurposing the old City Hall, The Downtown Grand (formerly Lady Luck), SkyView (the other giant wheel), and other statistical, map, and cosmetic updates.

So, for today's updates:
  • I've ...
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New Photo Quiz

I've added a new Photo Quiz  ... << MORE >>

Updated THE "Who Owns What" Map

I've updated THE "Who Owns What" Map and added timeshares and condos to the mix. ... << MORE >>

Updated THE Area Map

I've updated THE Area Map adding a few things and changing some others...enjoy  ... << MORE >>

New City Hall Update

The new city hall is coming along nicely. I've added lots of new photos on the site.

The structures that will soon support the solar panels in the front plaza are in place. This is my favorite
 part of the project as they will also provide shade for the plaza area and look like an art installation.

There are several different facades on the building: undulating bronze(ish) panels on the northwest corner, staggered horizontal windows and panels on the west side, the light-show glass and the sunbeam shapes on the south side, and the boxy shapes on the northeast side.  A bit much? maybe, but all in all it's a nice project.

Take a look at the photos and leave your ...
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Drop by tonight "First Friday"

As usual, I will be at the Studio for a First Friday open-house along with architect H.Stephen Jackson and art curator Debbe Sussman welcoming all who would like to come in and chat, gaze, graze, and learn about some of our visions for the future of downtown Las Vegas.  

241W. Charleston Blvd.
Holsum "Lofts"  Design Center #107

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New Downtown Map and Other Updates

I finally updated THE Downtown Map  and put up a couple of night shots of the Smith Center's tower (all lit up).

Meanwhile, I have been bust working on converting the site to the .php format so I can populate it with social networking buttons. Yikes, I think I've bitten off more than I can chew. Any wiz-kids out there???
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Site Updates

I've updated THE Map and and the Casino by Size page.

I am also starting to propagate the pages with facebook LIKE buttons and TWEET buttons as well as Google's new +1 buttons. This will make it easier to share the content with your friends and bring more traffic to the site.
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First Photos of the Completed Tivoli Village

I've posted a set of photos of the now-open Tivoli Village in Summerlin...enjoy  ... AƼČᰀ婀<< MORE >>

Downtown Projects Update

I've updated the site with new construction photos of the new City Hall and included a short video of the mock-up light-wall that will turn the City Hall into a light show at night. Only in Vegas (lol).

Also, I've added some photos of the (now finished) Regional Transportation Center. IMO a stunning piece of architecture and a welcomed addition to downtown.

Lots more to come folks. ... << MORE >>

Updates, here we go

OK, it's been a while and many of you have written with your concerns. Thanks for writing.

So, with no excuses or explanations, I will resume the updates to the site and blog starting with a photo update of The Smith Center

There's much work to do on the site (as many of you well know) and I will be working on it more regularly.

Stay tuned.....
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First Friday Again - already

Well it's First Friday again and I will be at the Jackson Architecture studio showing off and meeting everyone who wanders in. As usual Stephen Jackson and I have new projects to show and there will be the usual mix of artists displaying their works as well.

So, come on down to Holsum Lofts (suite 107)  tonight.

See ya 
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Meet and Greet Tonight

For the last few months, I have been working side by side with architect H. Stephen Jackson (the brains behind the Holsum Design Center  aka. Holsum Lofts)  on a number of Proposals for Downtown Redevelopment, including a 60's Diner Restaurant, a Pizza  Restaurant & Beer Garden, and a Shopping Center to include a Grocery Store, Cleaners, Coffee Shop and Bistro.

Stephen and I will be there to show off these projects and meet you good folks tonight (First Friday).

The Loft Gallery aspect of Stephens Architectural Studio at the historic Holsum Design Center will be open, as well as Denise Duarte's "Pop Up Gallery" across the hall, featuring talented Artists Mikel Patrick (a fellow Architect) and Sigrid Brunel. ...
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Who's That Lady?

Let's have a little fun.

The other day I was chatting with some friends and the subject of calling resorts "ladies" came up. Later I was thinking about that and started matching famous (and infamous) women (dead or alive) to resorts on the Strip. thanks in advance to Joel, Stephen and Vince for helping me fill in some of the blanks. I need the help of you guys too, to form the perfect list. Please think of the woman and not rolls she may have played.

Here's what I have so far:

The Cosmopolitan Lady Gaga Edgy, different,  
Circus Circus Courtney Love Train-wreck
Venetian Elizabeth Taylor Too much perfume
Excalibur Roseanne Barr Loud, trashy, "where's my *#@*%* fanny-pack"
Encore Audrey Hepburn Beautiful, elegant, and fashionable
Tropicana ...
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Cosmo: Second Impression and Photos

As promised, I went back to the cosmopolitan yesterday to get a second impression and took some interior photos.  

Taking a look at the Cosmo's website yeasterday, I noticed a new slogan "We're Open, come act like you own the place". This philosophy suggests that no one will hassle you if you sit in a lounge to chill-out without ordering a drink. Or, hang out by the pool without a room key... we'll just see.  

The pool deck was closed on my first visit as I did not venture up to that level until late-night - so I visited it first. I figured that I would be stopped by an employee who would inform me that the pool area was for guests only (like ... << MORE >>

Cosmopolitan First Impressions

If I needed to sum up my first impression of the Cosmopolitan with one word, it would be "WOW".  This place is everything its behemoth neighbor to the south should have been. I've heard the Cosmo referred to as "CityCenter's rebellious little sister" and description fits her to a T (or tee, if you prefer).

My first "WOW" moment was the parking garage. The entrance is stunning. I drove by giant, back-lit chrome letters that spell out COSMOPOLITAN and passed a pristine lobby entrance.  After descending down to the self-parking levels I noticed hundreds of red LED lights, each one fastened to a vertical rod protruding from the ceiling. According to the digital readout, the first level was full so I continued to the third level.  Whoa, now the aforementioned LED lights were a mix of red and green.  This wasn't an art installment but rather and indicator as to where the empty ...
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Cosmo, Lady Luck, Zappos and Trippies

Firstly; I must apologize for the lack of postings lately.  I have been busy working with H. Stephen Jackson (The architect behind Holsum Lofts).Stephen and I are working on several potential projects for the downtown area and hope to romance some developers soon. More on that later.  I don't usually lump multiple subjects into one article. Consider this a heads-up, I will follow up on these soon.

Meanwhile, The Cosmopolitan  is opening tomorrow and I (and my camera) will be there.  I will have a full report in a day or so.

It looks like the folks at Lady Luck are getting the renovations started. They will start with the Celebrity Theater (across the street) converting it into a sports book and lounge.

Zappos, the web retailer, I moving it's headquarters to the old city hall building (as soon as the new city hall ... << MORE >>

Tropicana 300-wing Implosion Tonight

The 300-wing of the Tropicana is being imploded (yes, imploded) tonight some time between 2:00 and 2:30 a.m.
I will be there, will you?
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Harmon Rumor Confirmed

MGM Resorts Intl. has confirmed the rumor the the Harmon Hotel will be removed from CityCenter. The build has been deemed unsafe and is condemned. No time frame for the event was given.

We still don't know if it will be imploded or dismantled.

I'm sure the folks at Cosmopolitan are happy about this (view expanding) news. Frankly, i was never fond of the Harmon, I thought it looked out-of-place within the CityCenter complex.

thoughts? ... << MORE >>

The Arena Shell Game

Oscar Goodman has something big up his sleeve and he's keeping pretty quiet about it.  What we do know is that this (whatever it is) is going to happen on three parcels within Symphony Park and (according to Goodman) will be international news.

The City did a little deal with Newland (the company that manages Symphony Park) and procured three parcels that were originally slated for Newland residential projects in exchange for a free parcel to Newland. Another win/win situation.

Speculators thing a major sports arena will be the big news, but is a major sports arena the "international news" Goodman is promising...we need to wait a few days to see. ... << MORE >>

Vegas' Next Implosion - wha-wha-what!

Well, this gets filed (firmly) in the rumor department.

According to a reliable inside source, there are rumblings behind the scenes at CityCenter that the foreshortened The Harmon Hotel may be the star of the next major implosion in Vegas.

As most of you know, there was a big 'oops concerning the re-bar in the tower that wasn't discovered until the tower was way too big to fix. My guess is that no insurance company on the planet will touch The Harmon. So, the rumor goes on to say that The Harmon will be replaced with a fitness center and a (much needed) grocery store ($18.00 Pop-Tarts, anyone?). ... << MORE >>

What's Blowin' Up at the Trop

There are currently two demolition projects happening at the Tropicana. See then here 

The old venue "The Cellar" is being ripped out to make way for a new nightclub. I know, I know - does Vegas really need another nightclub? Well, in this case the answer is a resounding YES. The Trop doesn't stand a chance of competing with the big-boys without one.

The other demo is a little more devastating, the entire 300-wing of Garden-Rooms is being removed (that's the odd wing that points toward the MGM Grand.  This area will serve as a new entrance which will service the crowds waiting to enter the new nightclub, Don't worry, 80% of the Garden-Rooms are safe and will be renovated. ... << MORE >>

What's Icahn Doing with the Fontainebleau?

It looks as though Carl Icahn is getting ready to unload the Fontainebleau, according to a report in the New York Post.  He's selling everything that's not welded in place. Beds, furniture, etc. are being sold. This seems like a strategy to get as much as possible out of the place before it's sold to another developer.

Icahn is reported to have said that he has no plans in sight for the completion of the resort. Can the depressed Vegas hotel market handle another 4,000 rooms anytime soon? - I think not.

Thoughts??? ... << MORE >>

Making Some Site Changes

I just launched the new Hotels page.  This should make navigating the site easier.  If it is well received, I will precede to changing  the other navigation pages (Condos, Other Projects, Mixed Use).

The old Hotels page had a truncated description of each project and a "More" button. A lot of folks ignored the "More" button and never saw the page for the projects in which they were interested. I feel this list-style is a no-brained approach.  Also, it was one more page to edit. There are still phrases like "will be" for projects that were long ago completed. This fixes that issue as well.

You can see the old (archived) page here for comparison.

There were some pending projects that didn't have a page of their own (thus, no ...
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